Through its personal data protection policy, Santamaria snc informs its users about the type of data collected,
on the use that will be made and on their right of access, modification or deletion of such data.

Santamaria snc declares to comply with current regulations on the protection of personal data.

Data Processor

Santamaria snc reports that the controller is the company Santamaria snc.
Users for any necessary communication can write to the email address

Personal Data Processing

As part of the services provided, Santamaria snc requires the personal data of its users.Santamaria snc, undertakes to collect only the data necessary for the provision of its services
and guarantees the use of all necessary means to protect such data.

The mandatory data will be marked with an asterisk (*) in the corresponding modules.The rest of the requested non-compulsory data will be provided by the user under his responsibility and consent.
The data can be collected through registration forms, via email, chat, fairs and/or events organized by Santamaria snc.
The refusal to provide some information may result in the impossibility to use all or part of the services offered by Santamaria snc .
The type of data collected may vary according to the user category:


For individuals, users, the following data can be collected according to the services to which they are subscribed and/or used:

  • Name and surname
  • Nationality, sex, date and place of birth.
  • Email, phone, address.
  • Banking information (santamaria snc will not save any bank details)
  • Tax Code


  • Name and surname
  • Company Name
  • Email, phone, address.
  • Activities
  • Match iva

Each time the user accesses the websites, access data is stored by computer systems in the form of data composed of information such as:

  • Address IP
  • Website from which access to our sites has been made
  • Date and time of access request
  • Request by browser or other client in Uri notation
  • Http code obtained from the server ( error, good end, etc.)
  • Browser, features and operating systems used
  • Amount of transmitted data

Purpose of data use

Personal data provided by users will only be used in connection with the use of services offered by Santamaria snc .

Transfer or transfer of data to third parties

Santamaria snc will not move no personal data of the user to third parties

Data retention period

The data collected will be kept for the duration of the use of the services offered by Santamaria snc, or until the user exercises his/her right of cancellation.

After deleting your profile, Santamaria snc will only retain the necessary data as part of its legal and/or contractual obligations.

Once the corresponding limitation period has been completed, the data will be deleted completely and permanently.

User rights

You may at any time exercise your right to access, edit, delete your data.

The execution of these rights can be performed directly by the user profile, which, in case of doubt or technical problems,
can also contact via e-mail at or by phone at 039-2326765

If you believe that there is a violation of your rights, you can submit a complaint directly to Santamaria snc
by e-mail at or by phone at 039-2326765


Santamaria snc informs its users that all necessary measures have been implemented, both technologically and organizationally,
to ensure the security of your personal data and avoid loss, alteration or unauthorized processing.

Information on cookies

Access to the site may involve sending the so-called "cookies" by the server to the user's computer, i.e. files that allow you to obtain information on the pages visited in order to make the use of the various services faster. The use of cookies is limited to the duration of the single session and in no way allows the acquisition of personal identification data of the user.The data acquired will not be stored by us in any way, but will be deleted when the browser is closed.You can choose at any time to disable cookies by simply changing the browser settings;we remind you, however, that the deactivation of cookies can slow or prevent access to certain sections of the site.

Find more information in Cookie Policy


You can contact Santamaria snc by e-mail at or call 039-2326765